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The Spreadsheet Abyss

The BFS (big f***! spreasheet) have probably looked at one already today. You can feel the heat starting in your toes and reaching all the way up to the top of your head. Your heart starts to race and a little bead of sweat just fell in slow motion from your forehead onto cell C138. The angel on your right shoulder says, "well, you asked for it." The devil on your left shoulder says, "ah, you know you won't do anything with it anyway so just throw it away!" Who do you listen to?

While it may seem scary, the BFS is your friend. It helps you make sound business decisions, but only if you actually use it. Numbers really do not lie, and that's the beauty of the BFS. It's all there in black and white, and sometimes red (hopefully not!). You have paid someone good money to create that thing, now use it.

But how do you use it, you may ask. Much like moving into a new home and staring at all the boxes thinking, "where do i even start?," spreadsheets can be just as daunting. Here's a few tips:

1. Determine what you want to glean from the BFS

2. Manuipulate (sort) the data

3. Utilize pivot tables to weed out everything you do not want

4. Use charts and graphs to obtain a visual representation

5. Make a plan to act on the results

6. Implement your action plan TODAY...not tomorrow or next week!

Like everyone else, the BFS just wants to be needed, loved and appreciated. In return, with proper care, it will give you the tools to make better decision. So I challenge you today to love your spreasheet.

Of course, we are always here to help balance your business so you can balance your life. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.

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